Medical Negligence Compensation Lawyers

Every hospital and healthcare professional owes you a duty of care when you are receiving treatment. When they fail in that regard, you could be left with serious, life-changing consequences. You could also be left with significant medical costs, loss of income and other financial and health issues.

If that should happen, you have an ally with Dwyer Law Group. Jeff Dwyer and our medical negligence lawyers will put their years of experience to work and investigate your claim for you. Based on the Gold Coast, our compensation lawyers will work hard to determine your eligibility for compensation and guide you through the claims process. We work with local clients as well as those in surrounding areas, including Brisbane and local suburbs.

What Is Medical Negligence in Queensland?

Medical and dental negligence, or medical malpractice, can occur in a number of ways, including:

  • misdiagnosis of an injury or health condition
  • delaying or failing to give the proper treatment for a health condition
  • performing surgery without reasonable care or skill
  • reporting or acting on incorrect test results
  • aggravating or causing an existing medical condition to become worse
  • failing to provide high-quality post-surgical care

Generally speaking, if you’ve experienced pain and suffering as a result of poor medical treatment or diagnosis, you may be entitled to make a medical negligence claim. You may have sufficient evidence to build a case against your doctor, pharmacist or another healthcare professional.

Medical negligence compensation claims can also be affected by time limits. If you’re considering taking action, talk to a medical negligence lawyer for immediate advice.

How Our Medical Negligence Lawyers Can Help

Dwyer Law Group’s team of compensation lawyers will examine every aspect of a malpractice claim, looking through all medical records and obtaining the opinion of an independent medical expert, if possible. We’ll also provide a medical negligence lawyer to represent you in court if your doctor or healthcare provider doesn’t offer a settlement immediately.

Have you suffered loss or damages due to the negligence of another working professional? We also offer professional negligence assistance when you have been affected by an accountant, mortgage broker or other professional.

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