Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims

Here at Dwyer Law Group we have lawyers with years of experience in the field of motor vehicle accidents and compensation claims. If you have been injured in anyway due to no fault of your own, please contact us at Dwyer Law Group and we will provide you with the best advice and action to take.

Some Quick Facts about Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims:

  • Claims are made against the driver at faults third party insurer, and not against the driver personally.
  • If you are involved in a single vehicle accident that was the result of poorly maintained roads, or other incidents outside of your control, you may have a claim from local authorities. Your own CTP Insurance might provide some benefits.
  • If in the event you were in an accident involving an unregistered or uninsured driver, we will offer you the best advice and representation to fight your case for a claim. But you must act quickly. In these sorts of cases you only have 9 months from the day of the accident to keep your claim alive.

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