11 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents this Long Weekend

The Easter long weekend is the most dangerous time to be on the road in Australia. With the road toll reaching phenomenal levels and the number of hospital visits and car accident injury compensation claims as a result of car accidents soaring at Easter weekend, Christmas and other holiday periods every year, it’s time to get serious about road safety.

Car Accident Injury Compensation

Follow these rules to keep you and your family safe this long weekend.

1. Drive within the speed limit

Always keep within the speed limit and reduce your speed if the road is wet or icy. Remember the speed limit is not a target.

2. Always check for pedestrians

When you’re backing out of a car park or driving through a built-up area, always keep an eye out for pedestrians. Pay particularly close attention at crossings and complex intersections.

3. Keep a three second distance from the car in front

Even if tailgating doesn’t cause an accident, it can still see you worse off if the car in front of you ends up making a mistake. Don’t tailgate and keep a safe distance of three seconds to avoid a collision.

4. Get up to speed before merging

Merging onto a motorway at a low entry speed can be extremely dangerous when vehicles are approaching at full speed from behind. Pay attention to the recommended entry speed and get up to speed with the traffic before entering the motorway.

5. Check your oil and water before long trips

Check your oil and water before long trips, as well as the tyre pressure, indicators and any other recurring faults your car might have.

6. Check your blind spot regularly

Check your blind spot regularly, especially before changing lanes. Remember to check thoroughly for cars, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians before merging, changing lanes, etc.

7. Look behind you when backing out

It sounds simple, but many people feel confident that there was no-one/nothing behind their vehicle when they got in the car and therefore they don’t check before backing out and ultimately cause an accident, even in their own driveway.

8. Keep your hands on the wheel

One of the biggest causes of car accidents is drivers who meddle with audio or temperature control equipment while driving (and more recently, mobile phones as well). Keep at least one hand on the wheel at all times. If you can, keep your hands at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock and remember that your safety is more important than your song choice.

9. Be aware of others

Other drivers might not always have the same safety concerns. Keep an eye out for dangerous drivers, and motorcycles and bicycles.

10. Be insured

Make sure you’re covered for car accidents and car accident injury compensation as well as third party insurance for your and your passengers.

11. Be aware of your legal rights

Know that if you have been injured by a driver’s negligence, you may be able to claim car accident injury compensation through vehicle accident lawyers.

Be ready for the worst these holidays. If you want to learn more about car accident injury compensation from our vehicle accident lawyers, fill out our online form or call Dwyer Law Group at 07 5610 5234.

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