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    What are Class Action Lawsuits and How Do They Work?

    A class action lawsuit is a common method of taking legal action for groups of people with similar grounds for legal redress. Class actions are best described as large scale comp nensation cases. They may involve claims for damages, medical costs, and/or multiple other issues. Class actions may involve hundreds, or even thousands, of people […]

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    What to Do When Your Travel Insurance Claim Gets Denied

    It’s the nightmare scenario for travellers; a denied insurance claim that leads to very expensive out of pocket costs. If the denied claim includes health costs, it can be a serious blow to your bottom line. You may be unable to work, with massive bills piling up. In some cases, these costs can be catastrophic. […]

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    Have you Been Unfairly Dismissed at Work?

    As a country, Australia has always been a nation of workers. We have some of the highest wages in the world and we have a legislation system that protects the rights of workers. While our country is far from perfect, the systems in place strive to protect employees when they have been wronged. Unfair dismissal […]

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    Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefits

    What are TPD Benefits? The future can always be full of unwelcome surprises and unexpected tragedies that have the potential to irrevocably alter your lifestyle. In 2013-14 alone, there were almost 120,000 serious workplace injuries in Australia. Many of these resulted in the sufferer being unable to continue in their line of work for the […]

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    Domestic Violence and Compensation

    Understanding Domestic Violence and Compensation In Australia, one in four women who have been married has been the victim of domestic violence. This is a harrowing statistic and an egregious crime that should never be accepted in our society. The prevalence of domestic violence in today’s society demonstrates a continuous need to protect the rights […]

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    What are Public Liability Claims?

    What Are Public Liability Claims? Accidents are an inevitable part of life, but sometimes they are preventable. In fact, if you suffer a serious injury on public property, the property owner may be liable for your injury and suffering. If you have recently suffered a personal injury on public property that was no fault of […]

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    Shopping Injuries – Applying for Compensation

    Applying for Shopping Injury Compensation Have you suffered from a nasty fall while doing your weekly shop at the supermarket? This sort of accident is far too common in public spaces, often leading to debilitating injuries for the sufferer. This embarrassing and distressing event may not even be your fault, instead being caused by unsafe […]

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    Medical Negligence – What you Should Know

    Medical Negligence – Know the Facts While most doctors are diligent and thorough medical experts, there are still many cases of medical negligence that occur every single year. We believe that doctor’s opinions and actions should be trusted, but it is always important to remain aware of what is happening during your medical consultations. Keeping […]

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    Most Common Work Injuries

    Everything You Need to Know about Workplace Injuries Every worksite has the potential to be the site of a dangerous incident or workplace accident, from industrial warehouses to office buildings and everything in between. Workplace injuries happen every day for a whole host of reasons, often through no fault of the afflicted employee. At Dwyer […]

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    Motor Vehicle and Car Accident Compensation Claims

    Learn More about Car Accident Compensation Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be a scary and stressful experience, which is greatly exacerbated if you have suffered an injury. Working out the necessary steps for insurance and filing a claim for car accident compensation is a long process, with many potential twists and turns […]