Challenges of a Permanent Work-Related Injury

Disabled worker in wheelchair in a carpenter's workshop

Challenges of a Permanent Work-Related Injury

Suffering an injury in the workplace can be challenging, especially when it results in a permanent impairment. Workplace accidents are one of the top five leading causes of disability in Australia. This includes permanent neck and back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, loss of limbs and paralysis.

The effects of a permanent injury can have significant ripple effects on a person’s livelihood. These include depression resulting from an inability or limitation to work and participate in daily activities.

It’s important to try and maintain a positive outlook moving forward in your life. Here are a few tips to recover and retain a good quality of life after suffering a permanent injury.

Give Yourself Time to Come to Terms with Your Injury

Anger, frustration, sadness and resentment are common feelings to go through when your abilities are taken away. Allow yourself to grieve and seek support from therapists, counsellors, friends and family. Try to avoid taking out your grief on people who are trying to be supportive, even if their efforts seem misplaced.

Try to channel your emotions into positive energy and determination to forward your recovery efforts. Reorganise your life so that your room, body and lifestyle are clean and well managed. It will help to lower your stress levels and improve your outlook. Ask loved ones for help if you need it.

Take Advantage of What Can Be Done

Try to get as much exercise as you can in whatever form possible. If there is the potential to return to work, get started on your rehabilitation efforts as soon as you can. Studies indicate that the sooner you start the rehabilitation process the more it promotes recovery, increasing the chances of returning to work.

If returning to your old job isn’t an option, consider a new career path that is based around your hobbies and doesn’t involve labour intensive work. Being proactive has huge benefits for maintaining positive emotional wellbeing.

Join a Support Group with Other Injured Workers

Seek out other people in the community who have permanent work injuries, especially those with similar conditions as you. They understand and have been through everything you’re going through. Support networks can be a valuable space for hearing and sharing similar stories and experiences.

Support networks can also offer great referrals and resources that will help you deal with the challenges you face. There are industry-specific worker groups you can seek out or more general ones like the Injured Workers Support Network .

Stay Positive and Do Your Best

Expect changes in your energy levels and the way your mind and body work together. Don’t get too frustrated by government bodies and organisations being ineffectual and delayed when it comes to meeting your needs. Keep detailed records and maintain a firm but polite line of communication with them.

Take all matters of compensation owed to you very seriously and act quickly after your injury. Seek out legal experts who can give you advice that is relevant to your jurisdiction, industry and circumstances.

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