Staying Safe on a Bicycle in the City

Two people riding bicycle on city roads

Staying Safe on a Bicycle in the City

Bicycle riding is fast becoming a popular way to avoid heavy traffic while keeping fit and helping the environment. The Gold Coast now has around 1000 kilometres of bikeways and more bicycle lanes on roads than ever before.

Cycling can be dangerous in areas with a lot of traffic and pedestrians. If you’re a cyclist in the city or you’re thinking about joining their ranks, you should ensure that you are riding safely and following all the road rules and signs.

Obey Road Rules

Bicycles are considered legal vehicles that have the right to use roads as cars do. This also means cyclists have similar legal responsibilities that must be followed. Police have the power to issue tickets and arrest cyclists who fail to obey road rules. Make sure you:

● Obey all traffic signals

● Give hand signals well in advance when turning left or right

● Keep to the elft nd pass on the right when overtaking

● Ring your bell when overtaking other bicycles

● Give way to pedestrians on shared pathways

Remember that cyclists can ride in bus, transit and bike lanes. Many drivers are still becoming accustomed to sharing roads with bike riders. Showing consideration and following the road rules does a lot to create and maintain a positive image of cyclists.

Ride Safely

The potential for serious injury or death is much higher when riding a bicycle around cars in the city. With little shielding against direct physical trauma, you should take every precaution to minimise the risk of being involved in an accident. Keep alert and be mindful when riding on the roads.

● Never ride more than two abreast unless you’re overtaking and make sure you are 1.5 metres apart

● Watch what other behicles are doing, try to make eye contact, and never assume that they’re aware of your presence

● Scan the road around you and make head checks regularly

● Installing a rear view mirror can be a great way to increase your range of vision

● Wear high visibility clothing and lights

Avoid listening to music while riding in order to hear other vehicles and warning signs. If you don’t feel confident riding on major roads or crossing busy intersections, use pedestrian lights or ride on quiet back streets. It’s not worth taking risks if you don’t feel comfortable with a situation.

Even though you have equal rights to use the roads, some drivers are less perceptive of cyclists. You should always be prepared to make safety manoeuvres and remember that it’s legal to ride your bicycle on a footpath in Queensland unless prohibited by a sign. If you want to avoid roads entirely, feel free to do so.

What to Do If You Are in an Accident

If you are involved in an accident that causes injury or loss due to the negligence of another driver, you may be eligible for compensation . You should contact an experienced compensation lawyer to evaluate your case and determine whether you are eligible for car accident injury compensation.

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