• Crashed car left on side on the road

    Motor Vehicle and Car Accident Compensation Claims

    Learn More about Car Accident Compensation Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be a scary and stressful experience, which is greatly exacerbated if you have suffered an injury. Working out the necessary steps for insurance and filing a claim for car accident compensation is a long process, with many potential twists and turns […]

  • Disable person sitting on wheel chair with a lady sitting next to him at office desk

    Stand up for Disabled Worker’s Rights

    Understand Disabled Workers Rights Discrimination against people with disabilities is something that should never happen in our society. Those who live with a disability should be protected and empowered, not belittled. Unfortunately, there are still too many cases of exploitation and discrimination in the workplace of people with a mental or physical handicap. Luckily, there […]

  • Beautiful coastal area with blue sky

    Workplace Safety Tips for Those Who Work on the Coast

    Workplace Safety Tips – Advice for People in Coastal Areas Workplace health and safety is incredibly important for employees working in coastal areas. After all, these environments often contain more natural hazards and more dynamic surroundings than most workplaces. Australia’s most well-known strip of coastline, the Gold Coast, is prone to dramatic structural changes due […]