Most Common Work Injuries

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Everything You Need to Know about Workplace Injuries

Every worksite has the potential to be the site of a dangerous incident or workplace accident, from industrial warehouses to office buildings and everything in between. Workplace injuries happen every day for a whole host of reasons, often through no fault of the afflicted employee.

At Dwyer Law Group, we are passionate about educating people about the ins and outs of workers’ rights. In this article, we provide more information about claiming workplace compensation after an injury while also explaining the most common potential workplace injuries.

The Most Common Work Injuries

Safe Work Australia reports that in 2013-14 there was a total of 117,815 workers’ compensation claims for serious work-related injuries or illnesses in Australia. This equates to an incidence rate of 11.1 serious claims per 1000 employees. The most common workplace injuries for this period were:

  • Muscular stress while lifting, carrying, or putting down objects – 17% of total injuries
  • Muscular stress while handling objects other than lifting, carrying or putting down – 16%
  • Falls on the same level – 14%
  • Falls from a height – 6%
  • Mental stress – 5.5%
  • Muscular stress with no objects being handled – 5%
  • Being hit by falling objects – 4%

Filing a Compensation Claim

WorkCover Queensland is the state body that takes responsibility for providing benefits and compensation in the wake of work-related injuries or illnesses. In some cases, you may be able to claim benefits from your employer if they are self-insured. If you are forced to take time off work, you can file a claim with WorkCover. This can cover wages that you have lost during this period to ensure you can stay on your feet.

The necessary steps to claim compensation vary depending on the incident. It is generally necessary to report the incident to WorkCover, obtain a report from a GP and fill out an incident report supplied by WorkCover.

If there has been negligence on the part of your employer in relation to the accident, it becomes essential to notify WHSQ of the incident. In these cases, it is always advisable to seek legal guidance from professional lawyers. Collect and sort information that may be relevant to your claim such as pictures and information of the layout of your worksite. Ensure that this information is stored securely away from your workplace. Dwyer Law Group is available to consult Gold Coast workers on compensation claims for a diverse range of issues.

Processing Times

WorkCover advises that it generally takes up to 20 business days to make a final decision on any claim. Their decision is decided on a list of set criteria:

  • The claim was made within the time limits
  • The person was employed at the time of the injury by an employer who’s not self-insured
  • The person is considered to be a worker
  • The injury was caused by a work-related event
  • The person was injured because of, or in the course of, employment if the employment is a significant contributing factor to the injury

For more information, please contact Dwyer Law Group for thorough and reliable legal advice on the Gold Coast.

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