Shopping Injuries – Applying for Compensation

Caution board set up in shopping centre floor

Applying for Shopping Injury Compensation

Have you suffered from a nasty fall while doing your weekly shop at the supermarket? This sort of accident is far too common in public spaces, often leading to debilitating injuries for the sufferer. This embarrassing and distressing event may not even be your fault, instead being caused by unsafe conditions or surfaces.

At Dwyer Law Group, we have represented many clients in their battle for compensation in the wake of their shopping injuries. Our team of compensation lawyers want you to understand that there is always legal assistance available to you.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are the most common source of shopping injuries, occurring most predominantly in shopping centres, retail outlets and offices. Most of these incidents are the result of unsafe cleaning practices and the lack of visible warning signage in place. It is the responsibility of the owners and managers of these public spaces to ensure that the area is safe, secured and properly signed whenever there are potential hazards around. This means that these owners may be liable for your suffering as a result of a shopping injury.

Common Slip and Fall Accidents

Some common slip and fall accidents include:

• Slipping and falling on food or liquid

• Falling while walking on a slippery surface

• Tripping over cables or ropes

• Tripping and falling because of bad lighting

• Falling on an uneven surface

• Tripping down stairs because of lack of handrails

Public Liability Claims

Public spaces are required by law to maintain an area that is safe, clean and regularly maintained to ensure the safety of patrons. If an accident occurs due to a failure to uphold these standards, you may be able to file a public liability claim against the property owner.

To establish negligence, it is essential to prove that either a duty of care was breached by not identifying and signalling a potential hazard or that an employee directly caused the hazardous condition. The complex nature of these cases requires you to consult with a legal firm so that you can understand the full implications of any compensation claim.

The Case of Coles

Coles has recently encountered negative publicity for several slip and fall cases brought against them in a court of law. In February 2016, they were ordered to pay $28,400 to a Sydney woman after her fall at a Kings Langley Coles. It was found on the balance of probabilities that the fall happened due to messy and unsafe cleaning practices by staff. The managers of the public space were at fault for the incident due to the negligence of the employees working at the Coles store. This negligence breached Coles’ duty of care and therefore made them liable for the pain and suffering of the unlucky customer.

Would you like more information about making a claim or what constitutes public liability? Contact Dwyer Law Group for an initial consultation on your public liability claim today.

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