Domestic Violence and Compensation

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Understanding Domestic Violence and Compensation

In Australia, one in four women who have been married has been the victim of domestic violence. This is a harrowing statistic and an egregious crime that should never be accepted in our society. The prevalence of domestic violence in today’s society demonstrates a continuous need to protect the rights of sufferers.

At Dwyer Law Group, we urge all men and women to be aware of the law when it comes to domestic assaults. Compensation for domestic violence victims varies from state to state, but assistance is available for those who speak out.

Where Do I Start?

If you have been the victim of violence at the hands of your spouse or partner, it is important to know and understand that assistance is available to you. While these experiences of violence can be profoundly traumatic and scarring to relive, speaking out is so important to prevent future attacks.

Reporting instances of household violence to the police is the first step in protecting yourself. It is also necessary to ensure you are eligible for benefits and compensation. It is important to note that in most cases there needs to be a conviction if you are seeking to receive state financial assistance. It is also crucial that you document any injuries by taking thorough photographs.

Compensation in Queensland

In the state of Queensland, anyone who is considered a primary victim of a violent attack is eligible to receive up to $75,000 compensation and $500 for associated legal costs from the Queensland government.

A primary victim is anyone who is injured directly as a result of violence committed against them. A secondary victim, a witness to any act of violence, is entitled to up to $50,000 in compensation.

Compensation in Victoria

Compensation claims and counselling for violent crimes in Victoria are handed by the state government funded ‘Victims of Crime’. Victims of Crime make up to $70,000 available for primary victims and up to $50,000 available for secondary victims. To be eligible the attack must have happened within the last two years and in Victoria.

Compensation in New South Wales

The New South Wales government provides up to $45,000 for victims of domestic violence. The New South Wales compensation scheme is broken down into various categories and should be discussed with your legal team.

Compensation in South Australia

South Australia offers up to $100,000 in compensation for the trauma, financial loss and grief associated with a violent attack. You are also able to backdate incidents and receive benefits for crimes occurring as far back as 1990.

The team at Dwyer Law Group is your trusted provider of legal advice and assistance on the Gold Coast. If you have been a victim of violent crime and would like to explore your options for compensation, contact us to speak with our lawyers today.

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