What to Do When Your Travel Insurance Claim Gets Denied

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It’s the nightmare scenario for travellers; a denied insurance claim that leads to very expensive out of pocket costs. If the denied claim includes health costs, it can be a serious blow to your bottom line. You may be unable to work, with massive bills piling up. In some cases, these costs can be catastrophic.

Many people are hesitant, with good reason, to take legal action. Adding legal costs to a failed claim isn’t exactly an appealing choice, especially when you already have major costs to deal with.

There are, however, much better options to get justice and solve the financial worries. In this article, we’re going to explain how to manage a denied claim, and manage your legal costs effectively to avoid further financial damage.

Travel Claim Basics

A travel insurance claim may be denied for a range of reasons:

  • Claim not covered by policy: This may or may not be the case. In some cases, the claim may reasonably be expected to be covered. For example, it’s not uncommon for insurers to simply get it wrong, for whatever reason.
  • Very low quality insurance coverage: There are some travel insurance policies which (to put it politely) are barely worth looking at, let alone worth buying. These substandard insurance products are highly contentious.
  • Insurance company simply won’t pay the claim: This isn’t as common as urban myths make it seem, but for whatever reason, some insurers don’t pay. You’ll need legal support to make your case.

Getting Legal Representation

Before you even pick up the phone, this is the sort of legal representation you need:

  • Qualified insurance lawyers : Insurance law is very complex. This is not the sort of case your family lawyer can do for you. Also bear in mind that your claim will probably be contested by the insurer. Qualified insurance lawyers can fight and match the insurance law professionals on the other side.

How Legal Representation Works for You in Insurance Cases

The first thing your lawyers will do is assess your claim, step by step, point by point. They’ll examine the basis for denial of your claim. They’ll explain to you the basis for taking your claim to court, and clarify any of the almost incomprehensible legal issues involved.

The next likely scenario is that the other side will offer to negotiate a settlement. This is also a potentially tricky situation. You may need an adequate settlement which will cover things like future medical care, for example. That provision must be built in to any settlement to manage your future costs and medical issues.

You can see why getting experienced lawyers is so important. Your lawyers will systematically address your needs, to make sure your interests and financial needs are being appropriately addressed.

Need Experienced Insurance Lawyers on the Gold Coast?

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