• Wooden gavel and stethoscope

    Missed Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis and Malpractice

    Every medical practitioner has a duty to exercise reasonable skill and care when treating a patient. You should be able to trust that your doctor is carrying out this duty and acting in your best interests. When a medical professional breaches their duty of care, they must be held accountable to prevent others becoming victim […]

  • The consequences if someone is injured on your property

    Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or renter you may be liable for damages and even legal costs if someone injures themselves while on your property.   What is occupier’s liability? When someone enters your property it is reasonable for them to expect that they will not be hurt or injured. As the owner or […]

  • Honey, I just fell off a roof – protection for tradies!

    If you are a tradie, are married to a tradie or have tradie mates, this is important. Unless you are the luckiest or least accident prone individual in the world it is highly likely that you will suffer some kind of accident or injury during the course of your working life. The question is what […]

  • Do you know about Adverse Action claims? You should!

    It is not well known that the Fair Work Act provides that an employee has a “workplace right” if the employee is able to make a complaint or inquiry in relation to his or her employment. An employer contravenes the Act if the employer takes “adverse action” against the employee (for example, by dismissing the […]

  • Injured girl after car accident in the street

    Permanent Effects of Car Accidents

    Car accidents can be traumatising experiences where you can suffer a variety of injuries. Some of these can be long-term or permanent, including head injuries, whiplash and aching joints. Suffering a permanent injury from a crash is debilitating in a variety of ways, from the pain and discomfort of the injury to loss of income […]