• Honey, I just fell off a roof – protection for tradies!

    If you are a tradie, are married to a tradie or have tradie mates, this is important. Unless you are the luckiest or least accident prone individual in the world it is highly likely that you will suffer some kind of accident or injury during the course of your working life. The question is what […]

  • Caution board set up in shopping centre floor

    Shopping Injuries – Applying for Compensation

    Applying for Shopping Injury Compensation Have you suffered from a nasty fall while doing your weekly shop at the supermarket? This sort of accident is far too common in public spaces, often leading to debilitating injuries for the sufferer. This embarrassing and distressing event may not even be your fault, instead being caused by unsafe […]

  • Workers working on Crane Shipping containers

    Most Common Work Injuries

    Everything You Need to Know about Workplace Injuries Every worksite has the potential to be the site of a dangerous incident or workplace accident, from industrial warehouses to office buildings and everything in between. Workplace injuries happen every day for a whole host of reasons, often through no fault of the afflicted employee. At Dwyer […]

  • Crashed car left on side on the road

    Motor Vehicle and Car Accident Compensation Claims

    Learn More about Car Accident Compensation Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be a scary and stressful experience, which is greatly exacerbated if you have suffered an injury. Working out the necessary steps for insurance and filing a claim for car accident compensation is a long process, with many potential twists and turns […]

  • Two people riding bicycle on city roads

    Staying Safe on a Bicycle in the City

    Staying Safe on a Bicycle in the City Bicycle riding is fast becoming a popular way to avoid heavy traffic while keeping fit and helping the environment. The Gold Coast now has around 1000 kilometres of bikeways and more bicycle lanes on roads than ever before. Cycling can be dangerous in areas with a lot […]

  • Small kid climbing on playground equipment

    How to Spot a Dangerous Playground

    How to Spot a Dangerous Playground Enjoying the local playground is a part of growing up and, for the most part, it is good, safe fun. After all, most playgrounds are governed by strict safety standards. Great efforts have been made over the years to increase the safety of playgrounds. Heights have been reduced and […]