• Read the Fine Print: What Travel Insurance Companies Don’t Tell You!

    Travel insurance is an essential form of protection to have when travelling. Even if you’re going on holiday to a relatively safe location and you can’t possibly imagine anything going wrong – you never know what might happen. A hotel might accidentally lose your luggage, or you might get unexpectedly sick overseas.

  • Hands holding old weight scales

    What are Class Action Lawsuits and How Do They Work?

    A class action lawsuit is a common method of taking legal action for groups of people with similar grounds for legal redress. Class actions are best described as large scale comp nensation cases. They may involve claims for damages, medical costs, and/or multiple other issues. Class actions may involve hundreds, or even thousands, of people […]

  • Employee Rights written on notepad kept on desk with pen and spectacles

    On a Visa and Employed? Know your rights

    Working in a foreign country can be a confusing obstacle course of unscrupulous bosses, unfamiliar law and no fall back plan. If you are paying tax and earning your living working for Australian employers, your boss might be relying on the idea that you don’t know exactly what you are entitled to. You may be […]

  • Areas of Compensation Law in Queensland (INFOGRAPHIC)

    Compensation law exists to help people get back on their feet after they have been hurt in an accident or mistreated. Making a compensation claim can seem daunting, but Dwyer Law makes it easy, guiding you through every stage of the process. The first step on this journey is finding out exactly where your claim […]