• A young man in suit in his office showing an insurance policy and pointing with a pen

    What to Do When Your Travel Insurance Claim Gets Denied

    It’s the nightmare scenario for travellers; a denied insurance claim that leads to very expensive out of pocket costs. If the denied claim includes health costs, it can be a serious blow to your bottom line. You may be unable to work, with massive bills piling up. In some cases, these costs can be catastrophic. […]

  • Vector image of dollar bag and coins with hand held board of Disability Insurance

    Does your superannuation policy cover you for disability?

    Many of us are guilty of not reading the clauses in our superannuation fund documents and are just content to let our employer make fortnightly contributions and hope that we have enough money put away to retire on if the time ever arrives. However, in having this nonchalant attitude we are not making the most […]