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    Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefits

    What are TPD Benefits? The future can always be full of unwelcome surprises and unexpected tragedies that have the potential to irrevocably alter your lifestyle. In 2013-14 alone, there were almost 120,000 serious workplace injuries in Australia. Many of these resulted in the sufferer being unable to continue in their line of work for the […]

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    Medical Negligence – What you Should Know

    Medical Negligence – Know the Facts While most doctors are diligent and thorough medical experts, there are still many cases of medical negligence that occur every single year. We believe that doctor’s opinions and actions should be trusted, but it is always important to remain aware of what is happening during your medical consultations. Keeping […]

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    Does your superannuation policy cover you for disability?

    Many of us are guilty of not reading the clauses in our superannuation fund documents and are just content to let our employer make fortnightly contributions and hope that we have enough money put away to retire on if the time ever arrives. However, in having this nonchalant attitude we are not making the most […]

  • Areas of Compensation Law in Queensland (INFOGRAPHIC)

    Compensation law exists to help people get back on their feet after they have been hurt in an accident or mistreated. Making a compensation claim can seem daunting, but Dwyer Law makes it easy, guiding you through every stage of the process. The first step on this journey is finding out exactly where your claim […]

  • Understanding Medical Negligence Claims

    Understanding Medical Negligence Claims According to a study published by the World Health Organisation , Australia recently had the highest rate of medical errors in the world. Although not every medical error is negligent, 50,000 Australians suffer permanent injuries annually as a result of medical negligence . This number doesn’t include the 18,000 that may […]