• Word Q fever. Medical concept

    Have You Caught Q Fever Working with Animals?

    Q fever is an infectious disease that can often be caught when working around animals. It’s spread from animals to humans most commonly by farm animals like cattle, goat and sheep. However, dogs, cats, kangaroos, camels and other animals can also cause the infection. You can become infected with Q fever by inhaling contaminated dust […]

  • X-ray image in doctors’ hand

    Getting Compensation for Silicosis

    An increasing number of workers around Australia are being diagnosed with silicosis. The disease is making a resurgence due to the popularity of engineered stone products such as kitchen and bathroom benchtops and tiles. This makes it essential to ensure there is an appropriate level of awareness and safety measures in place at home and […]

  • Dog attacks a person

    Animal Attacks – Who is at Fault?

    Getting attacked by an animal can be a traumatising experience, capable of inflicting severe physical and psychological injuries. If you were attacked due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim for compensation under public liability law. Whether a claim is likely to be successful depends on the circumstances of each […]

  • Doctor vaccinating women in hospital

    Q Fever: Control Measures in Workplaces

    Q fever is a highly infectious disease that is spread from animals to people. Anyone who spends a lot of time around animals, animal products, animal waste, animal environments and items contaminated by animals is at risk of being infected. People can become infected from inhaling just a few bacteria. Infected animals shed large numbers […]

  • An accident of a man worker at the construction site

    Coping with Difficult Employers After Work Injury

    Accidents in the workplace need be to taken seriously and require immediate action. Whether you slipped when walking upstairs, injured yourself using machinery or have become ill from exposure to toxic particulates, you have certain entitlements that employers have no right to obstruct. Unfortunately, some employers put pressure on an employee not to make a […]

  • Wooden gavel and stethoscope

    Missed Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis and Malpractice

    Every medical practitioner has a duty to exercise reasonable skill and care when treating a patient. You should be able to trust that your doctor is carrying out this duty and acting in your best interests. When a medical professional breaches their duty of care, they must be held accountable to prevent others becoming victim […]

  • The consequences if someone is injured on your property

    Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or renter you may be liable for damages and even legal costs if someone injures themselves while on your property.   What is occupier’s liability? When someone enters your property it is reasonable for them to expect that they will not be hurt or injured. As the owner or […]

  • Injured girl after car accident in the street

    Permanent Effects of Car Accidents

    Car accidents can be traumatising experiences where you can suffer a variety of injuries. Some of these can be long-term or permanent, including head injuries, whiplash and aching joints. Suffering a permanent injury from a crash is debilitating in a variety of ways, from the pain and discomfort of the injury to loss of income […]

  • All about Medical Negligence Claims

    Medical practitioners and hospitals are often under pressure to give accurate diagnosis and treatment to their patients in tight timeframes. In a perfect world, health care and medical treatment would proceed without complication and deliver anticipated results. However, this is simply not the case – errors in judgement and mistakes do happen causing personal injury […]

  • OUCH That Really Hurt!

    Unless you are the most safety conscious and co-ordinated person on the planet, as well as being possibly the luckiest, at some stage during your life chances are you will be involved in some kind of accident or injure yourself while working. You may even be unlucky enough to have an accident while visiting friends, […]