• Do you know about Adverse Action claims? You should!

    It is not well known that the Fair Work Act provides that an employee has a “workplace right” if the employee is able to make a complaint or inquiry in relation to his or her employment. An employer contravenes the Act if the employer takes “adverse action” against the employee (for example, by dismissing the […]

  • Three business professionals having a serious discussion at work

    Have you Been Unfairly Dismissed at Work?

    As a country, Australia has always been a nation of workers. We have some of the highest wages in the world and we have a legislation system that protects the rights of workers. While our country is far from perfect, the systems in place strive to protect employees when they have been wronged. Unfair dismissal […]

  • Workers working on Crane Shipping containers

    Most Common Work Injuries

    Everything You Need to Know about Workplace Injuries Every worksite has the potential to be the site of a dangerous incident or workplace accident, from industrial warehouses to office buildings and everything in between. Workplace injuries happen every day for a whole host of reasons, often through no fault of the afflicted employee. At Dwyer […]

  • Disable person sitting on wheel chair with a lady sitting next to him at office desk

    Stand up for Disabled Worker’s Rights

    Understand Disabled Workers Rights Discrimination against people with disabilities is something that should never happen in our society. Those who live with a disability should be protected and empowered, not belittled. Unfortunately, there are still too many cases of exploitation and discrimination in the workplace of people with a mental or physical handicap. Luckily, there […]

  • Beautiful coastal area with blue sky

    Workplace Safety Tips for Those Who Work on the Coast

    Workplace Safety Tips – Advice for People in Coastal Areas Workplace health and safety is incredibly important for employees working in coastal areas. After all, these environments often contain more natural hazards and more dynamic surroundings than most workplaces. Australia’s most well-known strip of coastline, the Gold Coast, is prone to dramatic structural changes due […]

  • Disabled worker in wheelchair in a carpenter's workshop

    Challenges of a Permanent Work-Related Injury

    Challenges of a Permanent Work-Related Injury Suffering an injury in the workplace can be challenging, especially when it results in a permanent impairment. Workplace accidents are one of the top five leading causes of disability in Australia. This includes permanent neck and back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, loss of limbs and paralysis. The effects of a […]

  • Vector image of dollar bag and coins with hand held board of Disability Insurance

    Does your superannuation policy cover you for disability?

    Many of us are guilty of not reading the clauses in our superannuation fund documents and are just content to let our employer make fortnightly contributions and hope that we have enough money put away to retire on if the time ever arrives. However, in having this nonchalant attitude we are not making the most […]

  • Areas of Compensation Law in Queensland (INFOGRAPHIC)

    Compensation law exists to help people get back on their feet after they have been hurt in an accident or mistreated. Making a compensation claim can seem daunting, but Dwyer Law makes it easy, guiding you through every stage of the process. The first step on this journey is finding out exactly where your claim […]

  • Changes to Workers Compensation & Eligibility to Claim

    Changes to Workers’ Compensation in Queensland: you may now be eligible to make a claim One of the key election platforms of the current Queensland Government was a promise to restore the rights of Queenslanders injured at work. On 17 September 2015 that promise was kept when the Queensland Parliament passed the Workers’ Compensation and […]

  • Workers Compensation Claims

    Had an accident at work? What to know if you have a claim for Workers Compensation? It is compulsory for all employers to hold suitable insurance for their employees dependent on different compensation schemes for each State/Territory. This scheme covers casual and permanent employees, full-time and part-time employees and in some cases self-employed workers. Even […]