• Do you know about Adverse Action claims? You should!

    It is not well known that the Fair Work Act provides that an employee has a “workplace right” if the employee is able to make a complaint or inquiry in relation to his or her employment. An employer contravenes the Act if the employer takes “adverse action” against the employee (for example, by dismissing the […]

  • Injured girl after car accident in the street

    Permanent Effects of Car Accidents

    Car accidents can be traumatising experiences where you can suffer a variety of injuries. Some of these can be long-term or permanent, including head injuries, whiplash and aching joints. Suffering a permanent injury from a crash is debilitating in a variety of ways, from the pain and discomfort of the injury to loss of income […]

  • All about Medical Negligence Claims

    Medical practitioners and hospitals are often under pressure to give accurate diagnosis and treatment to their patients in tight timeframes. In a perfect world, health care and medical treatment would proceed without complication and deliver anticipated results. However, this is simply not the case – errors in judgement and mistakes do happen causing personal injury […]

  • OUCH That Really Hurt!

    Unless you are the most safety conscious and co-ordinated person on the planet, as well as being possibly the luckiest, at some stage during your life chances are you will be involved in some kind of accident or injure yourself while working. You may even be unlucky enough to have an accident while visiting friends, […]

  • Social media and the workplace – employees take care

    We live in an age characterised by a rise in the use of social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, snapchat and the like. With that rise has come a large increase in the number of cases involving employees making comments about their employers “online” – to some extent there is no longer a divide […]

  • I was just having fun – rights and responsibilities at the office Christmas party

    There are many stories in the media about inappropriate behaviour at work functions – the more public the ‘offender’, the more likely the incident will attract ongoing attention.

  • Compensation for Silicosis – latent work-related disease and injury

    The recent prevalence of silicosis has raised grave concerns for some workers and their families across Australia. Silicosis is an irreversible and (often) fatal lung disease caused by inhaling tiny particles of silica dust which contains respirable crystalline silica. According to WorkSafe Australia silica dust is produced from ‘mechanical processes such as crushing, cutting, drilling, […]

  • Welcome Brittany!

    I was pleased to move Brittany’s admission in the Supreme Court of Queensland to practice as a qualified lawyer and Dwyer Law Group is proud to have her join our team of professional staff.

  • Read the Fine Print: What Travel Insurance Companies Don’t Tell You!

    Travel insurance is an essential form of protection to have when travelling. Even if you’re going on holiday to a relatively safe location and you can’t possibly imagine anything going wrong – you never know what might happen. A hotel might accidentally lose your luggage, or you might get unexpectedly sick overseas.

  • Understanding Common Legal Terminology

    Law is a complex field, and there can be a bewildering amount of unfamiliar terminology to consider if you’re not a trained lawyer. Some familiar, everyday words have more restricted or precise meanings in the legal field. The friendly team at Dwyer Lawyer Group are always happy to help you out and you can make […]